As we are still developing there are a number of ways to number of ways to join us and help the project:

Large Donors: Complete your legacy by founding a project that will alleviate the suffering of a whole country. Great value for money, with all donations going directly to source. We are looking for three donors to each contribute $25,000 per year, for three years, to be identified as the founding private donors of the project. These people will be remembered as starting Cambodia’s first inclusive mental health service.

Industry Sponsorship: We welcome partnership from NGOs, private healthcare providers, and other industries.
In return we seek to benefit the sponsor to greater value than their donation. For example, for healthcare providers we can offer training and protocols in best practice mental healthcare, which in many cases this leads to costs savings far exceeding any donation.

Universities: For around $USD30,000 per year for three years we provide an unique opportunity to run randomized controlled trials with several hundred clinical participants without the normal multi-million dollar costs (assuming state ethical approval and that the results will help the Cambodian people). Further, we can implement your findings in our partner hospitals and quantify the real world impact (e.g., as impact case studies; for UK universities arranged such as to attain top REF scores).
This is an excellent strategic investment opportunity for a university, in providing data access to improve academic output, or to support new centres and act as a significant recruitment attraction. We can also be costed on grant bids (both with our NGOs as overseas partners, and via Prof. Dr. Alex Wood as a partner EU university).

Academics: Individual academics are welcome to benefit from the opportunity above, although as collecting data costs scarce resources, we'd hope that they would bring a lot of commitment or other resource to the table.

Self-funded PhD Studentships: This is a rare opportunity to study under Prof. Dr. Alex Wood, in Cambodia, Scotland, or by distance. Students run a full project under supervision using data from the project to write up papers and leave a direct impact on people's lives. See his advice page.

To enquire about any of the above opportunities please contact us via the contact page, addressed to Prof. Dr. Alex Wood personally.


Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital, Kampot, which only charges patients what they can afford to pay.

Initially we are working with the large rural Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital, Kampot, and the large urban Sihanouk Hospital of Hope, Phnom Penh.. We aim to work with the Ministry of Health and large private hospitals to allow best practice to benefit all Cambodian’s and to make their mental health service a model for the region.

Impact on Treatment

With our partners, we are providing training to doctors and nurses on how to assess and treat mental health.

Outstanding care at Sonja Kil Memorial Hospital, Kampot

 Sihanouk Hospital of Hope, Phnom Penh, which only treats low income patients for free, who wouldn't otherwise have access to healthcare.

CameHelp: Cambodian Mental Health Project

Building a world class mental healthcare system affordable to all Cambodians

Delievering training to newly graduated medical students

Help us & Be a Part

So that the protocols and solutions we impement are evidence based, research constitutes the majority of our practice. We are committed to only doing the research that can be immediately impemented in our partner hospitals and education programmes. As much of what we discover is of international relevance, we publish findings in top tier medical journals.



Doing research in Cambodia; Going to a meeting in a tuc tuc (motorised rickshaw)

We aim to revolutionise the treatment of mental health in Cambodia, for the people, through; (1) Research: To develop evidence based best practice assessment and treatment; (2) Impact: Leading and documenting the implementation of the findings in partner hospitals; and (3) Education: Establishing a training certificate for doctors in the protocols to widen the impact across the whole Cambodian healthcare service. We prioritise charity hospitals providing free treatment to the poorest people, or donor hospitals who help us to do this.

We are a collaboration, lead by Professor Dr. Alex Wood (University of Stirling), between top universities across the world and several international NGOs (such as Hope WorldWide), who are designing the first international quality mental health service in Cambodia.